Street Art The New Face of Valparaiso

You can download a full PDF of the book here. (The best way to view/read the PDF is to download and save the file, open it in Acrobat Reader and change the View/Page Display to Two Page Scrolling.)

Valparaiso, Chile, is one of the largest open air art galleries in the world. Tourists travel there from all over the world just to see the extraordinary variation and proliferation of street art and graffiti. Street Art The New Face of Valparaiso was produced and is offered free to tourists by the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Valparaiso. It is in Spanish, English and French and contains a wealth of information on street art and graffiti in general and that of Valparaiso specifically.

The photographs in the book were taken by David C Phillips with additional images by Luis Dupouy. It’s a beautifully designed and lavishly produced book which the Valparaiso authorities are justly proud to offer to tourists.

Camille Fauré: Impossible Objects by Cork Marcheschi
Photography by David C Phillips
Multimedia photo books written, photographed and designed by David C Phillips
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